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Welcolme to the Chub Customer Services homepage. At Chub we aim to ensure that all our products deliver functionality, reliabilty and durability throughout their lives. However, good care and maintenance will always help our products to continue to deliver their optimum performance. We offer an award winning refurbishment service for Chub tackle.


For information on our available Warranties please click on the relevant link below -

Worldwide Extended Warranty

Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee

Warranty for all other Product

Product Registration

To log in to your online account and register a product you have purchsed please click here. However, before you register your first product with Chub you will have to create an online account (click here). To register any further products, simply log onto your online account and fill in the relevant information.


If you have any quiries please feel free to get in touch via our online comment box or our After Sales Service Team on +44 (0)1665 602 771.

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